Friday, May 02, 2008

Striking Out

Triathlon isn't just about swimming, biking, and running. We do other activities as well, although we still need special shoes.

This weekend a group from my Tri Team participated in the "Bowling for Angels" fundraiser to benefit Project Angel Food. Robert, Heather, The Original Michael P (OGMP) and myself formed the "Triathlon Bowlers" team, and Volunteer Extraordinaire Rene was also there to help out. I can't say we were particularly competitive, but we certainly had a lot of fun.

OGMP brought his swim googles with him, and they had some sort of magical powers. We shared a lane with another team, and when one of their members was in a bit of a rut he borrowed the goggles for a frame and whammo, his bowling improved. I had some of my gear in the car so I went out to get my bike helmet and glasses: I swear to you, I put them on, rolled one ball and got a strike. Do not deny the power of good Tri-Gear.

We had free pizza and drinks, and I even got a cool beer in a bowling pin bottle.

But the best part of the tournament was a special Strike Contest. Every time you got a strike, you had to call for a "Strike Hottie" (yes, that was the official name) who would give you a sticker. Whichever team had the most stickers won. We did not win, but had fun screaming "I need a Hottie!"

(We were "Triathlete Bowlers", listed as team "TRIA" on the chart.)


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the blonde disney gal is a hottie!

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