Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Going Green for a Day

This morning was our early-morning bike ride. I was just feeling tired and didn't go. Turns out it was a mistake to sleep in.

When I finally went to leave for work at my regular time, I saw this in front of the parking garage:

Actually, there were two of them. Two giant cranes closing off the street. My condo is replacing the air conditioning units, and when you live in a twenty-story building I guess it's a pretty big deal. Had I gone on the morning bike ride I would have seen them setting up the cranes when I came back and parked down the street. Instead, my car was stuck in the garage for the entire day.

I decided I would try riding my bike to work. I live one block off the freeway, I work one block off the freeway and by car it's a very easy 5-mile drive. But when you have to take the back roads, it's a bit more frustrating. It's a lot of red lights and heavy traffic and some pot-holey sections of road. Still, I made it to the office in about a half-hour not too worse-for-wear.

I felt a little self-conscious wheeling my bike through the building lobby and then bringing it up to my desk (I took the freight elevator). And then it was weird having to get changed into more "professional" clothes once I got there. And then I had to reverse the process for the ride home.

You may ask, "well didn't the homeowner's association warn you that the street would be closed off today?" The answer is, they did. I just kind of forgot. When I got home I found the memo on my kitchen table from last week telling me we wouldn't have access to the parking garage. Oops.

The lesson learned: don't skip a workout.


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