Monday, April 07, 2008

Getting gas

You may recall a couple months ago I wound up getting lost on a freeway on a bike ride leaving Malibu. We did the same ride again this weekend, only this time I stayed on the right roads. It was just me, Steve, and Greg. Steve had just PR'd at the Agoura Hills Half Marathon the day before but was not as sore as I had hoped. Greg had just come back from a trip to Tokyo the day before but was not as jet-lagged as I had hoped. We kept a pretty good pace for the 75-mile ride. (Well, I clocked in at 74 miles but was fine with that.)

I never made it to the gas station last time, and I found out that I missed it by probably only a quarter-mile. I was glad to finally make it there; this is no ordinary gas station. It's more of a mini vacation resort. Big convenience store, gift shop, ice cream counter, clean restrooms... And of course a glorious candy aisle.

All-in-all it was a pretty good but uneventful ride. Sorry.


Blogger monica said...

i need a map to this MECCA!!!

12:49 AM  

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