Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mega Uber Marathon

Boy did I have a long workout... I ran from Paris to Rome, to New York, then on to Egypt. All before breakfast.

I was in Las Vegas this week for a convention for work and did an early morning run along the strip. It sounds cool (or maybe not) but it's not a very good run. For one thing, there are quite a few stairs to climb. You cross many of the streets with pedestrian bridges, and although you COULD take the escalators, that would be cheating. There is a lot of construction along the strip and all the dirt and dust that goes along with it. And although you get to run across the Brooklyn Bridge, you also have to run past quite a few T-shirt shops and liquor stores.

I was a little nervous about running in a desert. Yes, technically L.A. is a desert but Vegas is a REAL desert. I got out early enough, around 7:30am, and the weather was still very pleasant. I was surprised to see quite a few other runners out there doing their morning jogs. Maybe everyone was trying to burn off their hangovers.

I did about 5 miles, and I also did 30 minutes of laps in the hotel pool. I'm quite proud of the accomplishment. The distances are not impressive, but deciding NOT to go out to all the free vendor parties in Vegas because you need to get up early for a workout - THAT'S quite a challenge. (I did however make it to Quarks to get a "Warp Core Breach" on my last night... A man can only resist so much temptation.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmm.....? What's a Warp Core Breach? Sounds like something I suffered at IMCDA in 2006

3:33 PM  
Blogger Mister P. said...

From the menu: "Red Alert! Order this drink and prepare to separate your saucer section! Sensors indicate Bacardi Lemon, Bacardi Light, Bacardi Spice, Bacardi 151, Razzmatazz and So Be power drink. We add pure ice crystals from the planet Exo III. You'll need more than one officer to handle this situation."

Basically a bunch of alcohol in a giant bowl smoking with dry ice.

3:38 PM  
Blogger monica said...

the vegas strip has got to be one of teh funnest and most surrealplaces to run. try starting at 6am next time. you'll see a bunch of drunks stumblng out of casinos left and right and STILL A TON OF OTHER RUNNERS. btw, from mandalay bay aall the way to stratosphere and back is exactly 8 miles.

woo hooo!!!

that warp speed drink, however, sounds AWEFUL!!!

11:53 PM  

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