Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting to Know You

It's been a while since I went on one of our Tuesday morning bike rides. I was injured for a few weeks, then I was recovering from the Cali Half, then I was out of town. So finally this week I was going to get on board again.

Ride Leader Evil Jon sent an email out Monday afternoon saying that he couldn't make it in the morning, but would be riding after work instead. And other people also wanted to ride in the evening. I wanted to do a swim after work so i figured I would just do the morning ride by myself. Without Jon there, I knew it wouldn't hurt and I thought it would be a good time for a short brick; an easy ride followed by a 3 mile run.

I assumed I would be alone, but then I saw Greg's car (or rather his ugly rental). I had heard rumors that Greg had been doing the Tuesday rides but I had never seen him there before. I parked next to him, got out and then saw that Jon was also there. Apparently I missed the follow-up email with his change of plans. Surprised to see Jon, I blurted out to Greg "Is that Jon?!" Young, naive Greg, trying to be a good host, asked me "oh, do you know Jon?"


Do I know Jon? Does a triathlete pee in the woods?

Look here Buddy Boy... Jon was blasting my quads and making me rue the day I ever started up with this stupid sport back when you were putting aerobars on your tricycle. So don't YOU be asking ME if I know Jon. Every time we climb a hill and I blast past you like you're standing still? That's the Jon effect. (Of course, Jon never taught me how to ride DOWN the hill, which is one of the reasons why Greg has to wait 10-15 minutes for me to catch up at the end of every ride.)

Do I know Jon? Is Sister Madonna Buder Catholic?

I really did want to do the brick, so I only stayed with them about 30 minutes and then headed back for the run. It was not a strenuous morning, but it's what I needed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does a triathlete pee in his/her wetsuit?

Not my thing, but I hear it's pretty common...


11:33 AM  

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