Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rules of the Game

I drive to Vegas about twice a year, and I do the same ritual every time. I burn a CD with the song "Blue Savannah" by Erasure. When I am 10 miles from the Nevada state line, I play the song. The 10 miles heading into Primm Nevada are the flattest, straightest, and fastest miles of the entire trip. About halfway through Blue Savannah are the lyrics "Racing across the desert, at a hundred miles an hour..." The game is to be driving 100 mph while those lyrics are playing. Sometimes traffic makes it difficult, and the rules of the game allow me to repeatedly rewind the CD (so to speak) 20 seconds until I can hit 100 mph. But I only have 10 miles to do it.

This song is not one of my running songs. But because I recently burned in to CD, it bubbled to the top of a playlist and wound up on my iPod. The rules say when I play that song I have to go 100 mph, and I can't run that fast. So I just used it as a little bit of interval training. The lyrics were more along the lines of "Running by the golf course, at 8 miles an hour..." but I think the rules of the game were satisfied.

(Do not drive 100mph going to Vegas. It can be dangerous, or at the very least you can get a ticket.)


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