Monday, May 05, 2008

Sit and Spin

This season, my Tri Team decided to add Spin Classes to our workout schedule. We had our first class last week and, well, it was a disaster.

There were two sessions: Beginner and Advanced. The Beginner class actually went pretty well. Alicia showed up prepared and ready to ride and had an excellent workout.

Then it was time for our so-called "Advanced" riders. What an embarrassment. Evil Gerald showed up wearing sandals for the class.

Ben and Michael came wearing jeans and dress shoes.

And after only 5 minutes on the trainer, Ben was ready to pass out.

What kind of example are these guys setting for the rest of the team?!

OK, OK. So maybe this wasn't really our spin class (although we will be doing them later in the season.) Our local Bike shop hosted a special sale event and the festivities included a Trainer Challenge; 4 people climbed on the bikes, and whoever pedaled the farthest in 5 minutes won a gift certificate. None of them knew about the challenge ahead of time so they weren't exactly prepared. But they all did a great job just the same.

And who won? Contestant #4. Some random guy at the sale wearing a full bike outfit: jersey, shorts, and bike shoes clipped to the pedals. Not exactly a fair fight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the first loss and will not be the second until the end of the year for the amazing Disney Tri Team. There is somebody else ready to take the Crown!

By the way, how on earth did you manage to hang on the last 10 min interval last week? We went fast!!!!! So, great job, looks like training is paying off.

Your Tuesday morning friend (or enemy..)

1:39 PM  

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