Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ready for Launch

I picked up my race packet for tomorrow's marathon. I was maybe just a little tense, but nothing like the last freak out. There was one little "gulp moment" however. I saw two medium-length lines at the packet-pickup, so I just got into one. After a short wait, I go to the front, gave the volunteer my name, and he couldn't find my bib. He looked in another pile, then said "are you doing the full marathon?" "Yes." "Oh, those are in the next line." But there was no next line. Just two guys sitting there with a very small pile of marathon bibs. It seems that all the smart people come out to do the HALF-marathon. Far fewer choose to do the whole thing.


No fancy analogies for my goal this time. No movies, no airplanes. I'm shooting for 4:30.

I'm spending most of the day streaming the live video from Ironman Florida, tracking The Kahuna, Robo-Stu, and Nancy. You guys all rock. When I see what these people are going through today, the marathon seems less frightening and I'm fairly calm. For now.


Blogger Geek Girl said...

Runner's world found in their annual survey that the half is now the most popular distance. Hope you made your goal! My goal for my January marathon is, um, somewhere under "forcibly removed from the course."

7:01 PM  

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