Friday, November 03, 2006

Ten Reasons Why This Marathon Will Be Better Than That One

1. I think it's an easier course.
2. I have 7 months extra training.
3. Last time I missed a lot of the later workouts because of injuries, but did most of the early ones. This time, I missed a lot of the early runs because of injuries but made most of the later ones.
4. Although the size of the L.A. Marathon is part of the excitement, it also adds to the stress. Santa Clarita should be far more low-key.
5. I should be coming to the starting line 2 pounds lighter. That's a 3-minute advantage right there.
6. After every hour, I'm taking an 8-minute walk break. In my training runs, those breaks have helped my energy and my overall pace has sped up.
7. Last time I ate 7-8 gel packs during the marathon. After the first 4 or 5 I was choking them down and they made me sick. I'm now using Clif Shot Blocks and will only have 4 servings.
8. I don't know what the breakdown is for a marathon, if it's 75% physical-25% mental or whatever, but I do know I lost it mentally after mile 20 last time (ie, right past The Wall.) So I think I'm better able to handle it now.
9. Brad is also running it, so at the very least I'll have someone to commiserate with.
10. Somebody else will be driving me back from the finish line.


Blogger Pasadena Sue said...

Mister P. -

You'll be fine on Sunday! You are correct that the extra training will help, and the fact that you have run a marathon really helps. A marathon is 75% mental (IMO), don't let the last 6.2 miles take you down.

In my second marathon, I tried new shoes (mistake) and had huge blisters by mile 12. I walked a mile, then ran a mile for the rest of the marathon. Every step hurt either way. It was truly a matter of mind over body. I finished with my worst time ever but I was determined to finish. And I have the medal to prove it. :)

Have fun on Sunday. I'll be watching your time. I am impressed with all that you have accomplished in a relatively short period of time,


8:26 AM  

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