Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ups and Downs

I like roller coasters. They frighten me, but that's part of the fun. Sometimes when you go on a coaster for the first time, it's the unknown which you fear most. And then after the ride you realize "that wasn't as scary as it looked" and you go again for the fun of it. But sometimes, you get off the ride and say "that's WORSE than it looked!" Then, when you go on it again another day (because a different friend is with you who has never been on it) you are even more frightened because you know what to expect.

That's how I feel about the upcoming Marathon this weekend. Last time, I knew it would be physically painful but I had no idea how mentally and emotionally numbing it would be. Now I do. This time, I really do know how much it's gonna suck.

As for Brad, who will be doing his first marathon on Sunday, "it'll be great! you'll love it!"


Blogger IM Able said...

Gosh, Wedgie. It's always so nice to stop by your page and see how life is going. Get your insights and wisdom. And get


I'll stop by again soon. Right now I think I'm just going to go puke.


8:45 AM  
Anonymous Brad said...

That's me, whistling in the dark!

And remember, Mister P. - I blame you.

9:30 AM  

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