Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going Off the Pill

You may recall I had some problems with my foot: 5 months of pain, got some X-rays, found microfractures, put on anti-inflammatories. The pills seemed to help a lot. When I took my medication regularly, the pain was gone. On days that I forgot to take a pill, my foot would start to hurt a little bit after a few hours. So they were definitely doing something good. There was one side effect though- the pills made me a bit nauseous. A couple times I ran to the bathroom thinking I was going to throw up, but nothing ever came up. Small price to pay.

I ran out of pills a few days ago, so that should mean I'm healed, right? I went a day and felt pretty good. By the second day I thought I might have felt a little pain, but I wasn't sure if it was just psychosemantic... psychosomet... all in my head. On day 3 I was definitely feeling something; nothing as bad as it had been, but something. I refilled the prescription and am going to try one pill per day rather than the usual two for a little while.

Since my foot was feeling (mostly) better I decided I had no excuse not to be running again. Sunday afternoon was a nice cool day, and a great time to get back outdoors. I put on my running shorts, my shirt, and my sneakers. I lubed up nice and good with body glide. I packed a bag with a towel, dry shirt, and bottle of Gatorade. I was set to go, and then I couldn't find my iPod. I am not one of those people who needs constant external stimulation in my life, and I've done plenty of runs without music. But for some reason I just got really frustrated that my plan wasn't coming together so I just stayed home.

Since then I have found my iPod (in the trunk of my car) so now I'm REALLY ready to go. Well assuming the iPod battery is charged.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw you getting ready for your run in Griffith Park tonight! Way to get back out on the "trails"! - Steph

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