Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedgie Water

I volunteered at a water stop for the Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Although it was well-organized, it got me thinking about how I would put together a support site. I doubt the wimpy marathon organizers would let me do it, but this is how I envision a Wedgie Water Waystation:

1. No rain. I won't allow it.

2. Music music music. I'd love to have a live band, but that might not be practical. So we'll have a boom box blasting tunes. All radical 80s stuff.

3. A skeleton crew will stay in place for most if not all of the racers to come through. Everyone on the course has their own personal goal. If they're just trying to finish, we'll be out there to support them.

4. My water stop would have some sort of theme, whether it's pirates or mardi gras or bunnies. Volunteers will be required to dress up. If they do not show up with their own costume, they will be given a funny hat or bunny slippers or something else to wear.

5. I would set up rope barriers for the water-giver-outers. One of my biggest frustrations is watching volunteers constantly creeping out into the race course. I know they're exited to have someone take their cup, but they actually just get in the way. Stay behind the velvet ropes, the runners will come to you.

6. All volunteers must show proof of completion for some race - any distance. People don't realize how difficult it is to grab a cup of water out of someone's hand while running by with a bunch of kids wandering in the way. I want my volunteers to understand what the racers are going through.

7. Separate cell-phone chute. If you want to listen to your iPod during the race, fine. But don't spend the race yapping away on your phone. Not on my watch. Anyone talking on a phone would be redirected away from the water and snacks - they can get some in the next mile.

The volunteers would hate me, but the racers would definitely appreciate my efforts. Who wants to sign up?


Blogger HHP said...

Here here. Its a lot of fun to volunteer. The boy scouts are very, very sweet but are constantly pushing forward or are over eager to sweep the cups out of the way - and blocking runners. It's not just them either, bless their hearts.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's do it!!!!

11:06 AM  

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