Friday, December 09, 2011

Sign of the Times

When we were in Canada, Ironman-spectator-virgin Brian wasn't sure how to cheer. He asked Steve, "there are probably going to be a bunch of guys named Steve racing - what should we yell out when you pass by so that you'll know we're screaming for you?" (yes, he really asked that.) Steve said "I want you to yell 'Fuck you, Steve!'" (yes, he really said that.)

Wiser heads prevailed, and we stuck with the generic "GO STEVE!" when we saw him.

But that was Ironman Canada. For the Ironman World Championships, I wanted to make sure Steve was as comfortable as possible, and tried to give him anything he wanted. So I made him the sign he didn't know he asked for:

I'm a little disappointed in the fabrics - they looked a lot more contrasting in the store, and I thought it would be much easier to read. But perhaps in this case, a little subtlety worked out for the best. The sign did have a huge flap that covered the top half with the the word "GO" for those times when I wanted to stay family-friendly (which was pretty much all day.)

A few years ago I made a sign for Heather that said "Aero, Bitch, Aero!" and I thought THAT was offensive. I guess Steve just brings out the worst in people. (It is one of my prouder signs!)


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