Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pasadena Marathon Weather Report

True story: Over a century ago, the Lord God made a deal with the good people of Pasadena. He said unto them: "OK, look... I know thou'st enjoy having the Rose Parade on New Year's Day. But Sunday belongs to ME. So tell you what: you don't hold the Rose Parade on Sunday, and I'll make sure you have good weather for it." And the good people of Pasadena said unto the Lord God: "Deal!" And so, if January 1st falls on a Sunday, they push the parade back to Monday. And the parade has had good weather pretty much every year.

So what happens when the good people of Pasadena try to hold a marathon on Sunday? The inaugural event 3 years ago was scheduled for a lovely autumn Sunday. But Los Angeles basically caught on fire and they cancelled the race just HOURS before start time because there was so much ash in the air. They rescheduled the event for a Sunday in February, and they had torrential downpours and wind. The second year was OK. This year, again, lots of rain and wind for the first 2 hours or so. In 4 attempts to hold a race on Sunday, Pasadena has experienced 3 Wraths Of God. When will these people learn? God wants Pasadena to be a Holy city.

Don't be surprised if next year's event is cancelled on account of locusts.


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