Sunday, December 18, 2011

Treading on Fat Ice (sorry, best I could think of)

I have not been good about training for the past...oh... 6 months. I am signed up for the Rock & Roll Pasadena Marathon in February, and I am pretty far behind. For one thing, I've gained over 20 pounds this year. To be fair, a year ago I was doing Kona so my body weight was a bit artificially low but in all honesty I didn't drop a ton of weight for Kona to begin with.

My friend Danielle is also signed up for Pasadena, so she suggested she come over and we could use the two treadmills in my condo gym and motivate eachother for a workout. 

We got on our two machines and she started going and I - well, the machine just felt funny. It was like the belt was slipping or something. I stepped off, cranked up the speed and it looked and sounded like it was working perfectly. I lowered the speed again, stepped back on and the thing just ground to a halt.

So I'm not sure what to think, but the circumstantial evidence is that I'm too fat for the treadmill and I broke it. I went back upstairs and ate the frosted Christmas cookie Danielle brought over to thank me for letting her use the treadmill.

I'm overweight and eating cookies instead of running. This is why it's tough to get motivated. 


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