Monday, February 06, 2012


A few months ago, Travel and Leisure Magazine held an essay contest where you had to submit a short travel story. The grand prize was a week-long bike trip in Italy. I had the perfect entry- I'd send in the story of my mother secretly coming out to Hawaii to watch my Ironman race. My essay had everything: Exotic locations! Strong family values! Plus, I was telling a story of bike riding to win a cycling vacation. It was the perfect entry!

Now then, I didn't expect T+L to send me my prize right away. In order to keep up appearances, I understand that they would want to continue receiving entries even though they knew they already found their winner. So I waited. And waited. But now it's been about 4 months - where are my plane tickets? I know that they couldn't have found a more exciting, heart-warming tale than mine. My guess is that my entry was so good that they're scrambling to come up with an even BETTER prize to give to me.

I'll give them another week or so, but then I'm going down to their offices to claim my trip.


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