Friday, May 22, 2009

Heads and Shoulders

They say "good shoulders make good swimmers". Well I don't know if they really say that, but it sounds like good advice. Anyway, two short shoulder stories:

Joe The Trainer put me on some new contraption to work the shoulders. I honestly don't know what it's called; I sat down, he went behind and and threw a few levers and told me to push. It was hard, and it hurt, but that's how it is. When I was done, some other guy, bigger than me (obviously), who was apparently unfamiliar with the machine stepped in and started using it. He didn't adjust anything. Two minutes later, he asked Joe The Trainer "is this supposed to work shoulders?" "Yeah." "Cause I didn't feel anything. I guess I should add more weight?" So the weight I struggled with wasn't enough for him to even figure out what bodypart he was training. Thanks pal.

Then today I was on my own at the gym using a different shoulder machine I'm more familiar with. I was just doing a warm up, and then something - I don't know what verb to use - popped? twisted? kerplunked? I felt this sharp pain on my neck and back and suddenly I couldn't move my neck. It really hurt. I tried to do some stretching but nothing seemed to help. That was about 8 hours ago and I can still only turn my head about 45 degrees to the left before I feel pain. And even "relaxed" I can still feel a huge tension ball on my neck.

So my basic plan of action is to do nothing and hope it goes away. I'm a little worried about going to bed tonight, because if I sleep on it the wrong way I'll be even worse in the morning. Or my neck might snap completely. If I break my neck overnight, I'm TOTALLY skipping the bike ride tomorrow.


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