Friday, May 01, 2009

Local Blogger Kills Teammates

I'm going to kill my Ironman Wisconsin teammates.

As you may recall, while training for the California half-Ironman I had some teeny-tiny nervous breakdowns about the workouts. I resented them all, just didn't want to do them and knew I would burn out if I stayed with it. So I dropped out of the Cali and declared May 1 as my official Ironman training kick-off.

Well May 1 is today. And helpful Steve, who swims like a fish, invited me to join him at the Rose Bowl after work for a short 3000m workout. I don't know my metric system very well, but I know that's far. I said no way. When Greg heard I didn't want to do the swim, he invited me to join him for a "light" run in Griffith Park up to the observatory. That's a whole lotta climbing. What is he thinking? Previously, Ben invited me to ride up Mt. Baldy on Sunday. That's a MAJOR climb, which even during the peak of my training last year I never did. (In his defense, Ben warned me it would be a difficult ride early in my training but didn't want to exclude me.)

Guys, seriously, you don't get it. In the past month, I have biked 0 miles. I have run maybe 20 miles total. I've swum about 600 yards. Yes, I know I need to ramp up quickly but I'm only going to hurt myself if I just jump into your workouts. I'll catch up, I promise. But sheesh, let me get warmed up a bit first.

UPDATE: So it turns out my "friends" were just messing with me, trying to freak me out about how far behind I am in my training. Mission Accomplished, I'm freaked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love you, Wedgie. I'm glad you're joining us for the pain!!


12:04 PM  
Blogger Iradoman said...

You've never done Baldy??? What kind of Ironman are you?

3:47 PM  

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