Thursday, April 30, 2009

M@x1mum r3sults! Sat1sfact1on Guarant33d!

The gym had their second "Member Appreciation Day" today. They had pizza samples and sub sandwiches; maybe not the healthiest food choices but they're trying to promote other local Burbank businesses so that's fine. They had a local spa burning incense and giving massages; not really my thing, but great. They had a table set up with big guys talking about big buckets of protein powders- more power to them. Then they had a table for "Viamax - Ultimate Sexual Enhancement."

Really? No, seriously, I mean, REALLY?!

It wasn't that I was offended by the table, it was more like I was embarrassed for them. It cheapened the entire event. It was like a real-world Spam email. There was just something... weird about having it there.

And no, I did not sign up for free samples.


Blogger Brad said...

Tell me you didn't pass up the opportunity to sign Cyril up for them.

9:09 AM  

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