Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cry Baby

I'm pretty much hating all things triathlon these days.

For starters, I'm signed up for Ironman Wisconsin next September. I just don't want to do it. My peak training will be in August in Los Angeles. Not gonna be a fun summer.

I want a new bike, but I feel completely paralyzed by the bike-buying process. You can't just go in to a bike shop and go for a test ride the way you would at a car dealership. A bike has to be a specific size for you, and I don't want to buy a bike until I have a really good idea how it will feel. I could request that a specific size bike be sent to a specific store, but I won't know what bike to ask for until I ride one. People suggest to me "just go to Helen's in Santa Monica- they have tons of bikes." Two problems with that: 1) It's in Santa Monica, which is a pain to get to. 2) When I bought my current bike, I went to Helen's in Santa Monica and their sister store in Beverly Hills. Both places treated me like crap. That's right, I'll say it: Helen's sucks.

I thought there was something wrong with my bike pedal or shoot, like it was twisted or something because my outer leg hurts for about 2 days after I ride. But now I think there may be just something bigger wrong with me. I have not been running in over a week, but my shins are hurting. There is a constant tension which sometimes escalates to a sharp pain in the arch of my left foot. My right ankle is sore. It's been getting worse over the past week.

I think it may have been that the shoes I wear every day are worn out, and I need new running shoes anyway so I started shopping for those. I found a pair that felt good in the store, clearance sale no returns, wore them for a day and my feet felt worse than before. So I'm stuck with a brand new pair of shoes I can't wear. Yesterday I went out and found another pair which I'll try to wear tomorrow. I think I tried on 8 or 10 pairs of running shoes this week. I'm not looking for a shoe that will optimize my running, I just want something that won't hurt my feet. I don't understand why this is so hard but it's really frustrating.

I guess I'm just feeling... what's the word? Old.


Blogger Sarah said...

You are not old. And here's a suggestion, I love Running Warehouse for shoes. They will take them back if you have issues, free return shipping. I do love my local shop, but sometimes when you gotta make cuts, it happens. I usually buy a pair locally, and then buy another pair or two online at the same time so that I've got a few pairs to keep me for awhile.

Are you on Beginner Triathlete? I have a friend who just went through the bike buying process. He's given me a ton of advice and I'd be glad to pass his info on to you.

Again, you are not old!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Robert Laurita said...

Hey Mike,

I went to Tri lab yesterday and test rode a bike. I loved the way it felt but it was not the bike for me. Happy to go with you anytime as I am in the market to get a new bike ASAP too.

Things will click again, you'll see!

And I disagree with Sarah. You are old but that's no reason why you can't enjoy the time you have left.

- Robert

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Tryphoon said...

Well, disagreeing with Sarah here; Don't fool yourself; You are an old grumpy fart...

9:04 AM  
Blogger Iradoman said...

Wedgie, what is going on? Ok here is my 2 cents... Bike, must be carbon, now the stick point the price, well they are more expensive but you can still find a good one for less then 3 grannies. My recommendation is get a tri frame that is not to aggressive so you can also mount a road bar and ride like a road bike off season. The Kuota K-Factor is a good bike with a very reasonable price tag. Cervelo Soloist Carbon is also an excellent bike, they can both be use as road or tri with little changes. I believe Tri Lab has both. As for the running shoes, NEWTON's are the only one... I know they are expensive but they are the best running shoe period!!! You can get a 10% discount if order by phone and mention the Disney Tri team. 30 day money back no questions asked!!!

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's what you need to do. Take a vacation from triathlon. Stop even thinking of the word. Stop training. Go work out or play sports for fun. You need to get some distance from tris so you can miss it and yearn for it and come back with a real renewed desire for it.

Buying a tri bike now is the worst time to do it because of your burned out mental state about the sport. You gotta get that bike when you're hungry for it otherwise, the first few times you ride your new bike, you'll be disappointed that you can't measure a big difference in performance and then you'll feel bad about spending thousands on a nice bike and disappointed in your performance. Your heart has to be in it.

Break up from tris and return to her later.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't buy a tri bike. 95% of age groupers should not be on a tri bike. it is a marketing hype which is based of Road TT (time trial races) and the perception among triathletes that being all aero is what you need for tri since you cannot draft. You need to think different and smarter. How many courses do you ride which are flat? How aero can you really be on a steep seat tube bike? How much power do you generate in an aero position on a tri bike vs a comfortable road bike with aero bars? Most of you would be so surprised to learn you'll ride and run faster off a road bike optimized for power and comfort vs a tri bike. Looking at cancellara and zabriski are what the tri community do when determine what is good for triathlons. makes zero sense. lots of female pro's ride road bikes but the male ego is too big so it has to be on a tri bike. i am convinced and have tested that a road bike will for most races and people be faster then a tri bike, prove me wrong, not many can......

we miss you on Tuesdays and it doesn't really matter what bike you have or want, the only way to get faster is actually to go out and ride.....

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would love to go with you and Robert to find a new bike. Yes, I think Helen's in Santa Monica Is a good store with a nice selection of bikes but it is not the only game in town. There is Tri Lab (Hermosa Beach) Tri Zombies (Santa Monica) InCycle (Pasadena-Great selection / may not get a discount) and then there is john's (he'll let you test ride anything in the park for a good ride - Limited selection and he is very pricy even with our discount)

Further, I have to agree on some points with both the anonymous statements above. You don't have to have a tri specific bike to be faster (my best split at Malibu was on my road bike with areo bars) Also, I know that you have dropped big coin on doing wisconsin but if you are feeling burned out it might be a good idea to step away and relax for a few weeks or months for a good reset.

My 2 cents.


8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its actually good that you signed up for Wisconsin. I hear they have a lot of great cheese up there...will go great with your whine!


9:08 PM  
Blogger Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck getting out of the need-a-new-bike-stupid-shins-old-guy funk.

But I see your point about peak training in Aug in CA.

11:02 AM  

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