Friday, August 29, 2008

The nightmares continue

I assumed that after Ironman was over I wouldn't have any tri-nightmares. I was wrong. I know that other people's dreams are boring, but I like to keep track of them for my own benefit:

I was doing an odd sprint triathlon: Bike, Swim, Run. After the bike, I went to my transition area (the parking garage at work) and realized I had the wrong wetsuit: it was bright yellow with orange trim. I put it on, but it was FAR too big on me; I looked like a kid trying on his father's jacket. I went home to New Jersey to find my right wetsuit, but quickly realized that at this point I should probably just drop out the race completely. I was very, very upset. But then after a while I realized that I had already finished the race but I simply forgot that I had done it.


Blogger Flatman said...

step away from the crack... :)

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