Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The end is near

The Brazil group is finished. I am tapering. The end is in sight, and naturally you can't help but get a little philosophical. It has been quite a year. I can't believe all of the races I've done, some for training (Oceanside 70.3) some for pure fun (Lake Arrowhead). And I can't believe the number of miles and countless hours I've spent with some pretty amazing people this past year. You often hear how "the journey is its own reward" and you have to wonder, is that what the true legacy of becoming an Ironman really is?

It better the hell not be.

Look, no offense to my tri team but I can certainly think of better things we could have done than getting up at 6 am every Saturday to drive out to Malibu. You want to bond while suffering in the cold? We could have gone on a ski vacation. You want to suffer in the heat? Let's go to Vegas. Just seems to me like we could have spent the past year having barbeques every weekend.

I expected my first marathon finish to be some sort of big event and I pretty much Could Not Have Cared Less. My only concern was getting back to my car so I could go home. That better not be the same situation in Coeur d'Alene. I expect the finish line to be pretty damn spectacular. If I die at the finish, that's fine, but then St. Peter himself better be there with a choir of angels welcoming me across the timing mat. And they better not be singing "Iron Man".

If "the journey is the reward", that means that Couer d'Alene is the end. It shouldn't work like that. Becoming an Ironman should be a life-changin event. How? Well I think they should give you a card at the finish line. Then, some day when you're at a restaurant and they tell you it's a 45-minute wait for a table, you flash them your card and the matre d' would say "I'm terribly sorry sir, I did not realize you were an Ironman. Right this way, please." Or maybe Delta Airlines could give free class upgrades for Ironman travelers. Little things like that. I think I've earned it.

And so help me, if Mike Reilly doesn't call out my name properly I'm going to shove that microphone down his Ironthroat and pull it out his Irona--... Well let's just say it will be unpleasant for both of us.


Anonymous Strac said...


Came across you blog a few weeks back. Keeping in shape I see! Good luck in your Triathalon-Efforts. Cold mornings in Malibu will surely be rewarded.

-Stracco in Beijing.

6:44 PM  
Blogger monica said...

don't build it up too much. it's gonna be special no matter what. and mike reilly? whatever with that guy. try having them say it all in PORTUGUESE!!! honestly it was all a blur. i don't remember any part of the finish line and it still rocked.

i like the idea of the ironman card. here in L.A. though i'd be happy if we just got our own lane on the freeways. then again, i bet they'd be pretty jammed up anyway what with all the mdot stickers i see everywhere!!!

8:18 PM  
Blogger Cliff said...

Haha...sorry we ain't super hero. We don't get special treatment.

But I do enjoy telling my tales of Ironman and see people grasp and roll their eyes at the insane training sessions that we put in.

In the last 12 miles of the Ironman run, all I think about is going back to the finish line and get beer and pizza.

It ain't angels rejoicing but hey it got me to the finish line :)

Note: I did got my beer and pizza...but sadly i passed out before I even took a sip of the cold stuff..

8:06 AM  
Blogger Fe-lady said...

This was a great post...very funny.
And I have to say for myself this HAS to be about the journey, or I will really be depressed!
(Hubby and I had some great fights on those long, windy rides...we saw each other at our worst, which I think strengthened our relationship!)
Am I rationalizing? Maybe a bit!

Had a dream about you last night...we all had little orange lockers in the changing tents and for some reason I was in a changing tent with you and introducing myself saying "HI, WEDGIE!"

I'm not doing this race, and I am STILL having tri dreams! Yikes!

1:50 PM  
Blogger katie b said...

hahahahaha, great post! i loved it. i start my re-training for halfs this coming year and then Ironman in 2010...i too think you should get a lifetime of awe from your counterparts for accomplishing this feat! go get 'em!!!!!

7:44 AM  

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