Friday, October 06, 2006

Close Call

Did a mid-length evening run tonight, and again the last 30 minutes was in the dark. I was prepared this time with my running light. I was running along the horse trail in Griffith Park and I saw something in the middle of the trail. Now you have to understand that Mister P. is old. Maybe not numerically, but his eyesight is pretty bad. It was dark, all I had was a cheap bulb lighting up the trail. From a distance of 100 feet I thought maybe it was a fallen tree branch. At 50 feet, I realized that it was more vertical; like a stump or something 3 feet tall. At 20 feet, I realized it was an animal. My mind went racing: I see a lot of rabbits along the path, but this was way too big. I see a lot of coyotes, but this was too slender. What IS that thing? 10 feet and closing - it's very bushy, black fur, white stripe.... it's a skunk! His tail was standing tall, locked and loaded. I came within 5 feet of him when he finally chickened out and scurried off to the side. Phew.


Blogger Iron Pol said...

Okay, it might be time for Lasic surgery. From tree branch to skunk in less than 100 feet.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Hakado Ru said...

I did a run last night and brought my Surefire E2 light with me. It easily fits in a hand, is very light (weight-wise) and can light up damn near a football field. Very powerful little, yet pricey, toy. Mine is more for the two-legged critters that hang out along the run path.


1:37 PM  

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