Thursday, September 14, 2006

Santa Clarita Walk-a-thon

I'm still planning on doing the Santa Clarita Marathon in November. Unfortunately, I'm still working with an injured foot. Yes, I know the absolute best thing would be to not run at all on it for a while, but at this point if I don't do some training I'll never make it through the marathon. Unless I injure it more, dropping out of the race is not an option. This is important to me.

To help protect my foot, I've been alernating between running and walking: 40-minute run, 10-minute walk, repeat. I did 12 miles with no problems and hopefully I can extend this for longer runs. With this plan, I will wind up walking about 5 miles of the marathon and hopefully my foot won't need to be amputated.

In addition to sparing my foot, the 10-minute rests may allow me to run a bit faster. I don't think I'll be in a condition to beat my (disappointing) L.A. time, but I will cross the finish line


Blogger Hak said...

I recently stumbled across Jeff Galloway's walk break method and it seems to be working very well. You can get more info from his web site. Bottom line: you run for X minutes then walk for X minutes. Rinse and repeat. The run-walk ratio is determined by pace.

Using this, I ran 8 miles at a faster per-mile pace (over one minute difference) than I did 6 miles...AND I took longer walk breaks on the 8 mile run.

Might be worth checking out.

Hope your foot heals up.


2:30 PM  
Blogger Geek Girl said...

I've heard WATER running can help keep your cardiovascular fitness up, too. I've also heard it's boring, but then then there's always water-proof mp3 players. good luck!

8:01 PM  

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