Saturday, February 07, 2009

By the Numbers

I knew this day would come, and it finally happened.

At the gym, there is an area downstairs set aside for free weights. I don't go there, because Thar Dwell Monsters. But upstairs, there is a small stretching area with a few shelves of small dumbbells. They come in pairs, ranging from 3 pounds to 30 pounds. And they are all arranged nice and neatly in order from lightest to heaviest.


There have been times with Joe the Trainer when I've noticed a pair or two swapped and I've just let it slide. But last night was total anarchy. The 8s were where the 20s should be and the 15s were in the 12 spot and everything was out of whack. How could I stand by and do nothing? (The 30s were in the right place- I don't think they have ever moved because if you're gonna use the 30s, you're gonna be downstairs.)

It was kind of crowded, so there was never a time when I could straighten them out unnoticed. (Yes, I was slightly self-conscious about organizing it.) So I waited until there was only one other person over there and started swapping things around. It's harder than it sounds; it was kind of like one of those sliding-numbered-tile games, only heavier. But it's important.

Bringing order to the universe. It's my random act of kindness for the week.


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