Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The sock is in the mail

My Senior Vice President got me in big trouble.

Apparently, last year Mr. Pusateri participated in the "2008 Great Weight Loss Challenge". I have no idea what that it is, probably a company-internal diet program. Good for him. And I guess two weeks ago, the sponsors of the program sent out magnets to all of the participants via large inter-office envelopes.

I had to send some Ironman Arizona socks to IronmAnnie. (Story-within-a-story: when I went to Arizona this year, Annie asked me to pick up some socks for her to commemorate her IMAZ victory last year. I picked them up the first day, and then when I got back to my hotel I realized I hadn't packed any clean socks for myself. So I figured I would just use the new socks. I tore them out of their packaging but of course they didn't fit. I had to wash the socks I was wearing in the sink and use the blow dryer to dry them. For two extra days. And Annie basically wound up with a pair of slightly-used socks (I never got them on past my toes, so they're clean.))

Back to the main story: I had to send some Ironman Arizona socks to IronmAnnie. I grabbed an inter-office memo, threw the socks in and sent them off. Well, it turns out that the envelope I picked was an INCOMING envelope with Mr. Pusateri's magnet inside. So when Annie got her socks, there was an added message inside: "Great Weight Loss Challenge". She sent me a message (paraphrasing, of course):

"Are you trying to tell me something?"
"You saying I'm fat?"
"You think I need to lose weight?"

Now keep in mind that Annie is getting married later this year and all psycho brides think they need to lose weight anyway. But they don't want to be told that. Even if you didn't know you were telling them.

I blame Pusateri.


Blogger Michael said...

I apologize Mr. P. It's my fault you got into trouble. Should I put on some weight?

11:19 AM  

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