Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ladies Night?

I am in major Christmas Shopping Stress Mode so I went to the gym very late, basically after the stores started closing. I was the only person in the gym which was a little strange but I wasn't complaining. It was 11:15 or so when I left; as I was walking out I asked the girl at the counter, "the fact that I'm the only one here, does that mean I'm really dedicated, or is it just sad that I have no better place to be on a Friday night?" She thought for a moment and said "I think it means you're dedicated." I didn't really hear the conviction in her voice. She then added "And another guy just walked in a few minutes ago." I said "great, someone else who doesn't get invited to any Christmas parties."

I had an interesting revelation while I was there. At the end of each workout with Joe The Trainer, he takes me into a side room for ab work. That's usually when I start threatening him. The room has a lot of strange benches and chairs with poles poking out at all sorts of strange angles; they look like they belong in a Dr. Seuss book. I can't imagine what kind of bizarre workouts are done with these devices and I don't want to know; Joe The Trainer just has me working on a mat. Normally, the gym has a lot of people moving around so the door to the room is propped open and I never really noticed it. But tonight, the door was closed so I couldn't help but see the sign on it: "Women's Circuit Training". So Joe The Trainer is having me work out in the ladies section. Great, thanks a lot.


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