Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dear Joe The Trainer

Thank you for the confidence you've shown in me by making me work out on my own. However, if we have a session scheduled I would appreciate it if you would... what's the words? Oh yeah, "show up". I understand that there can be last minute conflicts, but when I try to reschedule it would be helpful if you would reply, let's say, in less than a week.



ADDENDUM: Sorry that your iPhone was stolen and you weren't getting my messages. All is forgiven.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he should give you a free session. If you missed a workout and he was waiting for you, he would charge you for a missed session. I had a trainer that missed a session and he gave me a free massage to apologize. At least I THINK that's why I got the free massage......


2:47 PM  

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