Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Brief Encounter

I went with the group on a fairly hilly trail run in Griffith Park tonight. I showed up for the run, wearing my standard stretchy tri shorts, and was asked:

"Do you have underwear in your car?"
"Put them on over your shorts."
"We're making fun of someone."

Well that's good enough reason for me. Other people on the run knew in advance to bring silly underwear so there were various stripes and even Christmas dog boxers. Unfortunately, I had my tighty-whiteys with me (technically they are grey) so I had to wear them.

I never quite figured out WHY we were wearing our undies over our shorts, but Mike, the guy we were teasing, really laughed at it. Maybe he wears underwear under his running shorts or maybe his shorts LOOK like underwear. I don't know. But if I can do something stupid for a gag count me in.

And of course, since we were doing something silly and embarrassing, it had to be the night that Iron Monica joined us for the run. Good to see her again.


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