Saturday, March 08, 2008

Is there a doctor in the house?

All of my Tri Team Mothers have been nagging me about my knee. They're sending me names of doctors and acupuncturists and exorcists, and telling me about ice and stretching. One of them tried to be empathetic about it; I won't embarrass him by giving his name, so let's just call him "Enbay". Enbay told me that his knee was also hurting him on the ride we did last weekend, but he just put some ice on it and sprinkled some magic faerie dust on it and it was all better. And I guess he thinks I can just do the same. So tell me Enbay, on your way back on the ride at any point did you clip out and pedal with only one leg so your other knee could be spared the pain of having to bend on the upstroke? No? Sorry Enbay, we're not Pain Pals.

I didn't run or ride for the past few days, and tried an easy ride in Griffith Park today. I did OK, but whenever I tried to do any kind of speed (and I'm not talking 20mph, I'm talking 12) I could feel the knee pressure building up so I would have to throttle back.

I did make an appointment with Orthopedic Sports Guy (Witch Doctor) on the 19th. The problem is that I have the half-ironman on the 29th and I'd really like to know if I have anything to worry about. I'm being kind of cautious with my training, but if I can't do some mid-distance runs I'm worried about hurting myself suddenly doing 13 miles. Basically I have to call the doctor's office every morning and hope for a cancellation so I can see him sooner.


Blogger Cliff said...

Mister P.

I feel your pain but at the same time I can't help but laugh at the pic.

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