Sunday, December 30, 2007

Left turn at Albuquerque

Last year while training with IronmAnnie, we typically met in Downey and rode the San Gabriel River Trail. This season, we've been meeting in Duarte and riding the trail to Downey. Duarte to Downey. Downey. Duarte. I always confused the two.

After several weeks of holiday breaks, we got together for a group ride on Saturday. I got an email saying to meet in Downey in Duarte. The email contained all the details about the ride including directions to the meeting place for the noobs. But I'm a veteran, so I didn't really look it over. I showed up in Duarte at 8:20. (Are you paying attention?)

Nobody was there. It was very cold, about 44 degrees, and I assumed the ride was cancelled. Sure enough, at 8:30 my phone rang. It was IronmAnnie: "Where are you?" "Um, I'm in Duarte. Where are you?" "Downey". Oops. I told her just to have the group go without me and I would meet up with them.

I drove down to Downey and was able to get on the bike path by 9:00. It was amazingly MUCH warmer - in the 60s when I started. I figured I would just ride down the bike path and catch up with the group when they were on the return group. I was surprised that I made it all the way down to the end of the trail in Long Beach without seeing them. Turns out, they stopped for coffee along the Pacific Coast Highway and our paths didn't cross.

I did see the group back at the parking lot, where Steve had a big box of Christmas Tree Peanut Butter Cups and other goodies for us. (Note to self: in the future, when Steve steps away do NOT take all of his candy and hide it in your trunk. Bad Move.)


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