Thursday, March 16, 2006

Final Run

I did my last training run tonight. I was actually looking forward to it, because it was supposed to be simple. It was the shortest run of the entire training program: 2.7 miles. Which meant it should have been quick and easy. I even planned on finishing it before sunset and not have to worry about strapping that painful lamp to my head.

Well, nothing is simple. One thing you may not want to know is that when I run after work, I change clothes in the car. Everything. En route. The only piece of clothing that stays on me is my watch. I do most of it at stop lights (with a towel for discretion.) So I did the little dance on the way to my run and didn't think anything about it. When I got out of the car, something didn't feel right. Turns out, I had packed my bike shorts, not my running shorts. There is a lot of extra padding in the shorts and they really would be just awful to run in. I thought about just using them anyway, but since this was to be my final, triumpahnt run I wanted everything be right. So I had to quickly drive home, get my real shorts, then race back and hope to finish up before the sun went down. I didn't quite make it in time, but it was OK.

I am finished with training. The next time I run, it will be for the actual marathon. Although I did not finish the complete program, I did at least hit all the big runs. I would have liked a few more miles in me as better preparation, (mostly for injury prevention) but I'll have to go in with what I got.

Total miles in training program: 420
Actual miles run: 353
Total number of scheduled workouts: 67
Number of workouts missed due to injury/recovery: 14
Number of workouts missed because "I just didn't feel like it": 0
Milligrams of Ibuprofen: over 10,000


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Best of luck to you!

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