Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Watch Out

Taper taper taper. I ran 4.3 miles tonight. This was a very common distance for me pre-marathon; I've run this course a lot. I wanted to build up my confidence week, so I decided I would try to run it quickly. And I did. As I was approaching the finish line (a stop sign in Griffith Park) I was thinking "this might be a Personal Best for me at this distance." When I crossed the line I quickly tried to stop my watch timer, but somehow I hit the wrong button. I put the watch into some sort of "Set Timer Mode". I could see the little stopwatch icon blinking so I knew the time was still ticking away, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get the watch back into normal mode.

I started hitting all the buttons in every possible order and eventually managed to reset the watch and stop the timer. But I have no idea how much time I spent futzing with the watch. Twenty seconds? Probably more. A minute? Probably less. The Rules state that when I log my time, I have to round up, so ultimately I had to subtract just 20 seconds from the clock time. (The more time I actually spent on the watch, the faster my run time would be.)

Had I subtracted 60 seconds, I would have been very close to beating my Personal Best. But rules are rules, so it doesn't count.


Blogger Cliff said...

Enjoy the marathon....i love the week leading up to it. The training has been done and go for a regular leasiure run.

9:38 AM  

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