Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You say Fasciitis, I say Fascatis

According to the internet (which is never wrong) I now have mild "Plantar Fasciitis". It's basically a pain in the arch of your foot caused by swelling of the tissue due to overuse. It can be caused by running long distances on soft surfaces such as sand (or perhaps, horse trails?)

It's been 4 days since my long run, and if I stand up for more than about a minute my arch starts to hurt. I am icing it and stretching it. I'm sure it's nothing serious, but although I am officially "tapering" I would like to get my runs in so I can break in my new shoes. (I only did one short run in them so far.) My old shoes are too soft, my new shoes are too stiff, I have nothing which is just right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an idea... I'm gonna try to get 3-4 pair of the same running shoes that I use along w/ the inserts and rotate the usage. That way, I'll always have shoes in a good state. Besides expense, is there anything that might be a drawback? I'm thinking it' prolly best to rotate new shoes in like maybe 1 pair per month. It's a hard concept to grasp for me because, well, I'm a guy and I'm used to wearing things down to the last molecule... not good for running shoes, tires, etc.

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