Friday, November 04, 2005

TV Tri

The "Outdoor Life Network" covers many of the Ironman Triathlete events so rather than participating in triathlons, I've been watching them on TV. (Ironman is 2.4 mile swim, 112 bike, 26.2 run.) They might as well call it the "Pain & Suffering" network because I've never before seen so many quivering, agonizing people at one time. Why do people do this? Everyody looks miserable the entire time.

The coverage is pretty interesting. They will do segments on the pros, discussing their previous 5 championships and training programs, etc. Then they also pick one or two "human interest" stories and interview the weekend warriors who are attempting their first Ironman. There was the school teacher who lost 100 lbs and now wants to make his class proud of him. There was the father of 4 who had to sacrifice every weekend with his family to train. Throughout the show, they track their progress in the race along with the pros.

Great inspirational stuff, right? Wrong. The school teacher crashed his bike: Did Not Finish. The father of 4 was too slow and didn't make a certain cut-off point: DNF. You watch these shows to be inspired by greatness; instead, you see nothing but defeat and sorrow. It's great TV.


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