Thursday, September 15, 2005

Malibu, We Have a Problem

I keep a training log. Basically, I keep records of date, time, distance, and brief notes if anything unusual happened. Here are some of my notes from last year in the weeks leading up to me pulling my achilles tendon:

"Bad owie on right foot"
"Foot hurt after 3.5 miles, had to stop"
"Right foot hurt after 6"
"Right foot hurt like a mofo for at least a week after"

The purpose of a training log is to look for trends and adjust your workouts accordingly. You think maybe my body was trying to tell me something? My last run was October 31 (ominous?) then I tried again a month later, and it wasn't until mid January that I tried starting up again. You can really hurt yourself if you're not careful, and last year I was stupid.

So fast forward to my run tonight, after about 1 mile my foot started hurting. Not as bad as those other runs, but the warning signs were all there. Only THIS time, I actually stopped running. Walked it out a bit, jogged a bit. I'm not exactly panicked about this, but it is making me nervous; the triathlon is only 10 days away. I don't care if my foot tears off from my leg at the finish line, but I can't injure myself now.


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