Monday, August 22, 2005

For Annie

Well I finally did it... I went and switched to the tie-less shoelaces. Not only that, but I actually - gulp - cut off the excess length. That should make Annie proud, who didn't seem too impressed with my previous method of looping an extra 10 feet of laces through and around my shoes. I still don't like the idea of not having aglets. (My 7th grade math teacher taught us that word. Bet ya didn't know what the ends of shoelaces were called, did ya?)

For the most part, the laces work. The trick is getting them set up properly to begin with. You need to set the tightness level when you're first looping them through the shoes; you can't really adjust it afterwards. They're a little tight now but I'm slowly making adjustments.

Previous shoelace rants here.


Anonymous mike said...

I got the brand called YANKS! and they really do work great. Trimming the excess really is a leap of faith because it takes like 30 mins per shoe to figure out how to get them adjusted. My biggest mistake was not threading the laces through the little slot on the tongue. I'd try to slip the shoe on and the tongue would bunch up in the toe of the shoe--beyond lame. So learn from my mistake, or you'll end up having to lace and adjust each shoe twice!

12:00 AM  
Anonymous annie said...


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Anonymous Yoshi said...

Aka, Fluglebinder

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