Friday, July 15, 2005

Jason Lives

I think somebody on the Tri Team is trying to kill me.

First there was the mysterious flat tire coming down the hill, now this... This afternoon someone posted a note on our messageboard inviting us to a new swim workout in Pasadena. I thought I'd give it a try. Turns out, the swim was at Ambassador College. For the uninitiated, this place is also referred to as the "Haunted Campus". It's an abandoned college, and a private high school purchased the property. The place is creepy. It looks and feels like a college, yet there are no people anywhere. Nobody. The grounds are immaculate, the fountains are running, yet it is completely empty. It's like some strange force suddenly removed all the humans in an instant. Beyond that, even most signs are removed so you can't tell which buildings are what.

Fortunately I arrived extra early so I had plenty of time to try to find my way around. After about 15 minutes I was able to find the (unmarked) Athletic Center. It was empty, the lights were out, but the door was unlocked. I went in and wandered through the dark empty halls into the pool area. So there I was, alone, standing by a darkened pool, on a deserted haunted campus. This had teen-slasher-flick written all over it. Did somebody from the Tri Team secretly lure me to this isolated gymnasium to do me in where nobody would hear my screams of terror?!

No, 20 minutes later people showed up and the lights came on.

We had our instructional workout. Turns out I suck at kicking but I'm an excellent breather. I've been breathing most of my life so this was very reassuring.


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