Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another week, another flat

I had flat tire #2 tonight, but this time it happened in the field. I was coming down the hill after visiting Mr. Griffith and I heard a loud, high-pitched pop/twang noise. Somebody said it sounded like a spoke snapped off, and that describes the noise perfectly. But it was another flat tire, rear wheel. A couple other people in our group stopped to assist me, which was great but it also made me nervous because now I had to change a tire with lots of pairs of eyes watching me. Fortunately, I had some experience from last week so although it wasn't a perfect pit-stop I don't think I embarrassed myself. The best thing was that Batman (aka Edwin) was there. I call him Batman because he reached into his Bat Utility Belt and pulled out a spare tube for me to use. That easily saved me 20 minutes or more of trying to find and patch the leak on the old tube.

It's odd that I would get two flats in one week on the same wheel, and somebody asked me if I had looked over the inside of the tire to see if maybe there was something caught inside which was popping the tubes. Huh. That would have been smart. I'll be sure to give it a good inspection next week during flat #3.


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