Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This was a cold weekend. First, we had another swim in Santa Monica. There were no waves to spak of so the swim itself was easier than last week, but it was much colder. I have a sleeveless wetsuit and my arms were FREEZING getting into the water. The were FREEZING in the water. They were FREEZING after I got out of the water. I should have bought a full-sleeved suit. Oh wait, that's right, I wanted to but none of them fit me.

Then on Sunday there was the weekly bike/run workout at the Rose Bowl. It was moved earlier to 8:00 am (!!!) and I didn't see anyone else from our group show up. (the usual parking lot was closed so maybe I just missed them.) Anyway, instead of doin laps around the Bowl I decided to ride the streets of Pasadena instead. With all the tree-lined roads and gentle hills it was actually pretty nice. Until the rain hit. Yuck. It never hit downpour level but it was more like a constant drizzle keeping you frozen the entire time. The rain picked up a bit near the end so I cancelled the run.


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