Friday, July 22, 2005

Pre-training Jitters

Sometimes you just get frustrated or feel insecure about training for whatever reason. Then you get depressed and eat peanut butter and oreos (mmmmm... peanut butter and oreos...) which makes you sick and even less likely to exercise. I was in a funk this week and didn't train at all. But I got my head together and figured I would go to the swim in Santa Monica Saturday morning and get back on track. Today I found out the swim won't be in Santa Monica; it's in Malibu. Followed by a bike ride. Followed by a run. Yes, we're doing a full dress rehearsal.

Oh. Crap.

I bought a new swim-shirt to wear under my wetsuit. As I will complain often, I hate-hate-hate my sleeveless suit, and this shirt is supposed to keep me a bit warmer (I am always freezing going into the water) and maybe even block a jellyfish or two. I've tried it on with the suit and it just doesn't seem to make a good seal, so I have a feeling my suit is going to flood with water as soon as I get in. I would have liked to try swimming with the shirt on a less intensive day. Strike one.

I've changed the rear tire on my bike 4 times in 2 weeks, and the gears are starting to make noises they weren't making before. I had my bike in the car this morning so I could drop it off for a tune-up, but that will have to wait. I would have liked to get it fixed up of before such an intensive day. Strike Two.

I have a new pair of running shoes. I thought they were OK, but after my last run I discovered my pinky toe was completely black and blue. I don't know if the sneakers caused it or the open sandals I was wearing later that day, but I would have liked to try running in them again before such an intensive day. Strike Three. (OK, I'll wear my old shoes tomorrow. Make that Strike Two, Ball One.)

Other people from the tri team have said that the previous practice run of all 3 events was a big confidence booster. Everything could turn out just fine, but I have a bad feeling about this. I think I will be Mister Grumpy Pants by noon.


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