Friday, September 09, 2005

Dodged a Bullet

Somebody I work with as well as a few people on the Tri Team were talking about doing the "Big Rock Triathlon" in November. It's a 1-mile swim, a 52 mile bike ride, and a 9-mile run. And I started thinking about doing it. In 2 months, I think I could work up to doing the swim, could probably do the run, but the bike would be really tough. Still, I started planning on how I could train for it to be ready in time.

Fortunately, for some unknown reason the county needs to drain Lake Perris (the site of the triathlon) and so the event has been cancelled. Do you think the drainage has anything to do with the anonymous tip I phoned in about the bodies I dumped there? I'll never tell... all I know is I'm off the hook for training!


Anonymous Gerald said...

I'm actually going to recommend that your place of residence is searched.

I have little doubt that in the deepest corners of your closet a very large drain stopper will be found and upon further examination, it will be found to contain traces of water with the same chemical makeup as that of Lake Perris. Ya could've just said that you didn't want to do the race! You didn't have to drain the lake! Think of the fishies...

(OK, maybe I'm watching too many reruns of CSI...)

4:15 PM  

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