Tuesday, September 20, 2005

God doesn't want me training

I was in the pool this morning when I looked up and saw a huge flash of light in the sky, then 2 seconds later KAPOW! Giant thunder crash- it was setting off car alarms everywhere. I got out of the pool, just as I was trained to do since I was kid. But then I started thinking: the reason we always got out of the water as kids was because we swam in lakes, and lightning likes to hit the tallest object in an area (not exactly true, but go with it.) In a lake, that object is your head. The pool I was in this morning is only 1 lane wide. It has a row of trees on one side, and a 20-story building on the other. There's no way the lightning would pass those targets and hit me. I hadn't finished my laps, so I got back in the pool. 20 seconds later, KAPOW! Another strike. I got out.

I can take a hint.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess God knows a little something about tapering ...

10:21 AM  

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