Monday, November 21, 2005

Being Bullied

This is the "off-season" for triathlons. All of the articles say that this is the time when you're supposed to be working on strength training. I.E. weight lifting. Now, if I'm intimidated trying on wetsuits you can imagine how insecure I am about weight lifting. It's the old line "I'm not in good enough shape to go to a gym". Fortunately, my building has one of those Universal gym contraptions. It is adjacent to a recreation room that people can use for parties but is essentially around a corner and is fairly private. So, I've been trying it.

The other night I'm in there minding my own business and a kid comes in who was maybe 6 or 7. He was overdressed for his age, wearing slacks and a plaid button-down shirt. I assumed he was "helping" his father set up for some event in the rec room. He asks me "What are YOU doing here?" It wasn't in a cute "whacha doin'?" kid voice, I swear this punk was accusing me. So help me, I was actually intimidated. I was thinking "He's right! What AM I doing? I don't belong here!" I just stuttered out "oh, I'm just using the exercise equipment". Then he became cute again and said "oh OK, just checking" and left.

I'm just glad he didn't challenge me to a benching contest. I'd hate to lose.


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