Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lose Shoes News

So this is weird... I lost my running shoes.

On Sunday, I had to do a 10 mile run. I wanted to run during the warmest part of the day, which I figured was around 2:00. I slathered myself with bodyglide, slipped into some warm spandex and then... where were my shoes?

I spent a half hour looking for them. In closets, in the car, under couches... nothing. I remembered the last time I wore them was at the gym, and I went during my lunch hour at work so I changed out of them. I must have left them there!

I drove to the gym, and figured I’d pick up my sneakers and head straight on over to Griffith Park for the run. The guy at the gym asked me what color my shoes were, and I was a little embarrassed: “well, they’re white but they do a LOT of trail running so they’re pretty dirty.” He pulled out a pair of white shoes that looked like they came straight out of the box and asked “these?” I should have just said “yes” and taken a brand new pair of shoes, but I didn’t. I told him “no, you will barely be able to tell that the shoes are white, they’re that dirty.” They didn’t have mine.

So it was back home for more searching. Finally I just gave up and decided to use my old shoes. They still had the tag from the Pasadena Marathon... 2011. I was not thrilled with the idea of switching shoes right before my longest run in 20 months, but I was less thrilled about not doing my long run one week before a race.

Gotta be honest, it hurt. My legs did just fine, but my ankle was not happy about it at all. And I guess these will be the shoes I wear for the Half Marathon on Sunday, and then I’ll go buy a new pair. But it just drives me crazy that I could lose a pair of shoes.


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