Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weight Is Not Over

I've never followed a "typical" triathlete diet. I drink a lot of Mtn. Dew and I am not afraid to eat a cookie or two or ten. When you're swimming/biking/running 6 days a week, it basically doesn't matter what you eat - it just gets burned away. (Yeah yeah, I know.... sugars and fats blah blah blah.)

I did however crash-diet right before my first two Ironman races. That was not a good idea. I did #3, Kona, about 10 pounds heavier than the other two and that was a much better race weight for me. Still probably a little light for a normal weight, but not too unhealthy.

After Kona, I was basically "done". I felt very deserving of a break so I did very little training afterwards. I also made very little changes to my diet. And a funny thing happened: I started gaining weight. When those cookies aren't being burnt off, they just sort of stick around. I did not weigh myself regularly for a while, but I maxed out at about 25 pounds heavier than my Kona weight (which is about 35 pounds heavier than Coeur d'Alene.) I don't think anyone looking at me would say I was "fat" (except maybe Robert), but yes... there was a lot more Wedgie to go around.

Finally, back in May I decided I needed to start losing weight and I began weighing myself every Monday morning:

I have been very, vey diligent with stepping on the scale every week and recording the data. Unfortunately, I have not been very good with actually doing anything ABOUT the data. Have I stopped eating cookies? No. Have I started running regularly? No. I'm in that phase where I don't feel I'm in good enough shape to start working out. If I could just get down to Kona+15 again, then I think I would be ready to start exercising.

It will happen. Now if you'll excuse me, there are some Christmas Chocolates in the office that need my attention.


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