Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry, Glendale (TMI)

I did something this weekend I vowed I would never do; I went running shirtless.

It was very hot this weekend, and after getting a nice sunburn during my Saturday bike ride, I was very smart and made sure I really lathered up my back and shoulders. Unfortunately I forgot to do anything about my neck.

I had to run 10 miles, and after just 2 miles my neck was already hurting. Griffith Park shade is sporadic at best, and I was struggling to find any shadows I could. If I saw a butterfly overhead, I tried to run underneath it just for the added shade. After 5 miles, it was beyond discomfort and was actually painful when I ran into sunlight.

I wasn't sure how to cover my neck. I tried flipping my cap around so the visor would provide shade but that didn't help- I had to use my shirt. At first I tried to figure out a way to wrap my shirt around my neck like a scarf but that just looked ridiculous. Instead, I went with the Lawrence of Arabia look.

Let me tell you, it felt great. For one thing, it was nice not having the sun scorching my neck anymore. But beyond that, my shirt was soaking wet with sweat (ewwww gross) and the moisture was incredibly soothing on my neck and back.

Fortunately, since it was so hot outside there were fewer than normal people along the trails. And I figured if people were stupid enough to be out in the heat they deserved to see my Mountain Dew belly coming at them. I did however take off my nip guards so nobody would have to see me wearing my pasties.

Overall, in spite of the heat, it turned out to be a decent and comfortable run. Next week: no shorts.


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