Monday, June 28, 2010

What happened in Kona, stayed in Kona

This is my Ironman Training log:

You'll notice there are no yellow m&ms, representing bike rides. That's because I still don't have a bike.

I thought I would be smart and save money for once by mailing my bike back from Hawaii, rather than using Tri Bike Transport. And I did save over $150. But my bike is still gone. It might still be Kona waiting shipment, it might be on a boat, it might be at the bottom of the ocean. I have no idea. No tracking information is available. The expected delivery was June 21, a week ago. The good news if that my bike just stays in Hawaii, I won't need to worry about sending it back in October; I'll just pick it up when I get there.

I also was supposed to have a Finisher's shirt mailed to me. Hasn't happened yet. So I have two things to be mailed to me from Hawaii and neither has shown up. I know there is bad Taboo about removing items from the island, but I thought it was OK to remove items you brought yourself. (I paid for the T-shirt with me registration, so that counts.)

After 3 weeks, I am officially allowed to file an insurance claim against my missing package from the post office (i.e. my bicycle) but I'm giving it one more week. I misplace things all the time: keys, wallets, phones... a missing bicycle isn't anything to worry about.


Blogger IronHoosier said...

Sorry to hear about your bike, THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!

5:56 AM  
Blogger JillyG said...

I haven't gotten my shirt either :( -- may be able to get you a loaner bike if you need one in the meantime...

5:42 AM  

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