Sunday, March 08, 2009


Yesterday was Joe the Trainer's birthday. How did I find out it was his birthday? He has this little game he likes to play: when counting reps, he'll count "5...6...7...7...7...did I tell you 7 is my favorite number? I was born March 7..." Gee, that doesn't get old. Sure is funny every time.

I said before that I was concerned that Joe was young - concerns which proved unfounded - but for quite a while I didn't know quite how young he was. Turns out the punk just turned 21. I'm telling him tales of me puking my guts out after New Year's and he couldn't even buy himself a Zima.

Far be it from me to violate Trainer/Client etiquette but I thought I should acknowledge his birthday somehow. So what's an appropriate token gift for someone you've hired to teach you the value if making healthy lifestyle choices? Beer!

I picked up a small Guinness gift pack: Two cans of Guinness with two pint glasses. He seemed to really appreciate it, although I suspect he's already had more Guinness in his life than I have. I think sometime we should have a session and do shots between sets.


Blogger Cyril Rickelton-Abdi said...

You don't do shots! Or if you do shots, you're gone within 10 minutes... I'd advise you against this idea! He's young and fit. He might not have been exposed to much alcohol yet, but this could end up rapidly with you wearing some ridiculous hat, walking around the gym, talking randomly to people! No, no, no!!!

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