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I've had a lot of strange leg problems over the past month. Shin problems, arches hurting, sore ankles. And this has been even with very little running. But things started getting pretty bad Tuesday morning in my left foot and have been getting worse to the point that it was becoming painful to walk at times. I went in to see a doctor today.

He took X-rays, there's no fracture. He suspects it's either "Peroneal Longus Tendinitis", "Lateral Plantar Fasciitis" or "Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla". Basically I guess it's an overly stretched tendon. The doctor told me that this is a problem more commonly found with women, because they wear high heals without much side support. Gee, thanks Doc. I DID change running shoes recently, so it's possible they caused the problem. Which would totally suck because this would be the second pair of shoes I bought this month that caused me trouble.

Basically, there's nothing the doctor can do. He put a padded band-aid on my foot and told me if it still hurts in two weeks he'll give me an injection of cortisone. TWO WEEKS?! But it hurts NOW. He told me I could try some Aleve. Swell.

This whole thing is driving me crazy. I can't ride my bike (pulled IT band). I can't run. Even once my foot does heal, there's a good chance I'll need new running shoes yet again and I've already tried a half-dozen pairs and haven't found shoes that 1) feel comfortable and 2) don't destroy my feet.


Blogger Iradoman said...

2 things my friend:
1st: Acupuncture will help you now for sure! if you need a recommendation I go to a Chinese doctor near your work, she's not only an Acupuncture doc she is also an MD. If it wasn't for her I would be running today nor doing IMs.

2nd: Try a pair of Newton's, I recommend the Motion Trainer even if you're a neutral runner. Don't like the shoe send it back and they will refund your money, no BS. Ask Coach Jon and he'll back me up on that.

If I've had followed the advice of my orthopedic doctor I would have never done IM Brazil, Wildflower, Santa Barbara not Malibu. He told me that I would never run again prior to my back surgery. I feet really good to send him a photo of my IM finishing... How about that doc?

Good luck....

2:21 PM  
Blogger Iradoman said...

I "feet" (gee subliminal msg) felt really good to send him a photo of my IM finishing... How about that doc? LOL

2:24 PM  
Blogger katie b said...

oh wedgie, it will get better! extra "feel good" vibes being sent your way for a fast recovery!

2:40 PM  
Blogger said...

have you been to Road Runner Sports? They actually film you walking and do a weight distribution test in order to get you into the right shoes... George did it and he finally found shoes that he liked (seriously went through4 or 5 pairs).
Cool thing about Road Runner is that they have a great return policy.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


There are things you can do for LPF. Simple exercises like pulling a towel and a weight across the floor with your toes and rolloing a can of soup.

I'm sure google can do better justice to these exercises than my plain non-medical descriptions.

Wan An-

Strac in Beijing.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous anniemoto said...

If you can't ride and you can't run ... doesn't that leave swimming?

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amigo, what is not wrong with you these days? Cortisone? No, you do not want cortisone. You need to find the cause and fix it.

See a PT, they'll give you some exercises and maybe teach you to tape. Tape is your friend. I survived last year IM LP preperation with tape and ice for my knee.

This year, having done full body strength workout 1-2 times a week I have lot less issues wih knee pain. You might over compensate in the area you have problem with because something else is not well muscular aligned. A good strength program will help in many ways.

Newton is worth a try, they teach heel strikers to run better mid or fore foot strides. For some it doesn't work, for others they actually REALLY work and could save you a lot of time and money.

So when are you getting the Soloist? Steve's looks amazing.


10:03 PM  

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